Imagine you wake up, you don’t know where you are or what happened. There’s chaos around you – danger everywhere! All you have is a single light source and only one goal: TO SURVIVE!

Now you are in a world after the apocalypse: Traumatica. A world in which darkness took over and five factions are fighting against each other. Discover below some of its inhabitants…


A military organization formed by the last surviving people, they try to wipe away every evil bloodsucker and regain control over Traumatica. You are now joining their team – gear up and wait for their instructions!

Myra Moon Mistress

The self-proclaimed goddess of Traumatica, only she can create the special “Moonshine” serum, enabling unlimited power or vitality. Her intention here is unknown, only you can figure out if she is on your side…


Abandoned  by the Shadows, the Ghouls now feed on the blood of the dead. They are hunting any moving creatures. BE CAREFUL, DO NOT become their prey throughout this experience…


For a long time, the Shadows lived in secret but as the eternal night arrived, they took their chance and seized power. On your survival trip, you might well meet some of them…


When chaos is prevailing in Traumatica, these hideous creatures enter from outside. No one understand the way they behave or their intention. But there is one thing for sure: with their animal instincts, they won’t bring any goods here!

Live extension

Before and after your “Traumatica” VR experience, the live extension from 6pm with real haunting experience awaits you next to the YULLBE building! There you will find a scare zone, horror actors and much more. It only lasts for a limited period, don’t forget to book it along with your “Traumtica” experience!


For a limited time only. See all dates available on the ticket shop.



Traumatica is a YULLBE GO Free Roaming VR experience. This means your “helmet on” experience will last 10 minutes and that you can move freely around the room.

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