The Mission

On behalf of the ACES OF ACE, you go on a dangerous mission as a recruit. For this you will be sent by quantum leap to the mystic island of Rulantica in 1842. Here you are to close the legendary source of life against the resistance of Loki.

Will you successfully pass the tests of the ACES OF ACE?

Myra, Robbemond, Mission Rulantica, Aces of Ace, Batavia, Traumatica, yullbe
Myra, Robbemond, Mission Rulantica, Aces of Ace, Batavia, Traumatica, yullbe

Aces of ACE:
Myra & Robbemond

Myra is the fearless fighter and leader of the ACES OF ACE, Robbemond the bold founder of the Adventure Club of Europe. Together they send you on a journey into the unknown…

Aces of Ace, Mission Rulantica, yullbe, recruits

Aces of ACE:

Only you and the other recruits can stop Loki and Svalgur. For this purpose you will be equipped with quantum suits and special powers at the ACES OF ACE headquarters. Hopefully you will pass the mission.


The deceitful Nordic god Loki created the island world of Rulantica and the source of life as a test of man’s fear of God. He guards his work with his axe against all invaders who want to close the source.

ecki-too, mission rulantica, yullbe


The small, brave drone helps with your mission and is available to you with advice and action. It carries little helpers with it, who assist Ecki-Too friendly.

Svalgur, mission Rulantica, giant sea snake


According to legend, the mighty sea snake Svalgur is a child of Jörmund goose, the great Midgard snake that guards the nine worlds of Nordic mythology. Svalgur is trapped in the ice of Rulantica, but Loki knows how to use it as an uncontrollable weapon against invaders.


Mission : Rulantica is a YULLBE PRO Free Roaming Full Body Tracking VR experience. This means your “helmet on” experience will last 30 minutes, that you can move freely around the room, and that every single movement of your body will be tracked and instantaneously replicated by your avatar. You will feel as if you really were there!

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